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Are you a group or a team?

Let us build your people so you can build your business. Through workshops and classes, we transform groups into teams and help them achieve higher levels of productivity.

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Bring a new sense of clarity and confidence to your team.

Being able to put words to what a team feels or thinks can unlock new levels of camaraderie never before experienced. Empathy and trust are byproducts of this simple understanding which lead to tight knit teams and better results. The confidence that then comes forth for the team allows each individual to maximize their strengths and operate at greater heights. Through classes and workshops, we are able to unlock clarity and confidence so your team’s growth is accelerated toward greater relationship and, in turn, productivity.

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Steven Trujillo

Managing Partner/
Northwestern Mutual

"From group presentations to 1 on 1 coaching, True Strategy has provided it all! We are currently experiencing record breaking results because of a solution Keanu and his team brought after pinpointing a systematic breakdown in our communication. I couldn't be more grateful for our partnership with the True Strategy team."

Somer Wilson

Owner / 
William Henry Salon and William Henry The Spa

"With True Strategy's personal & leadership development teachings I have become more aware of what motivates, energizes, and drains me. I have become a better leader at home and in my business. Our team has learned their strengths and weaknesses as leaders, increased communication, and have an overall better understanding of how to work together."

Melanie McIntyre

Founder / 
The Wandering Cup Coffee

"As a small business owner, things can often seem overwhelming and at times, lonely. Feeling like I was on an island by myself, my very first meeting with Keanu created a sense of relief. His insight and desire to help find ways to improve and grow my business was highly impactful. I love his passion for small businesses and am grateful for True Strategy!"

Build your teams through workshops and classes.

When you have the opportunity to invest in your team through workshops and classes, having an outside perspective is invaluable. The magic of new conversations and resulting action often hinges on new understanding. Use our workshops and classes to increase understanding, camaraderie, and productivity as well as fostering a more welcoming culture through the content and resulting conversations.

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Manage your expectations.

Here are some tensions we’ve seen from teams along the way and the result after working through one of our workshops or classes.



Lack of trust in leadership. Trust and respect for leadership, their strengths, and how to best support the mission.
A culture of micromanagement. A culture of personal responsibility and ownership.
Rampant gossip. Implementation of the 24 hour rule.
Individualized focus. Mission focused.
Higher rates of attrition. Attracting and retaining the RIGHT people.
Poor productivity amongst sales teams. Increased sales through heightened EQ and connection with clients.
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