Snow Plows and Strong Leaders

The goal of strong leaders is to get a person from one location to another. Correct? That will simply never change.

How are you getting them there, though?

Assertive Enneagram Types, 3’s, 7’s, and 8’s, are like snow plows. You can be equally helpful and destructive. Are you plowing a path for others to follow or are you plowing a path with them stuck in the bucket of the plow?

Ok, here’s what I’m getting at. A good leader is like a snow plow, clearing the road for others to follow. Loud, intense, powerful. The proper image of leadership is a snow plow clearing a path and cars following as they move towards their destination. Looks nice, right? When leadership is done right, this is what it looks like.

But that is not always the picture, is it? Imagine this, a snow plow pushing a car through the snow. The car trapped in the bucket with snow building around it. The snow plow is exerting twice the energy and eventually the car will be forced out of the bucket and buried on the side of the road. Ouch. Both the leader and the team member are exhausted from this experience.

You see, assertive leaders, you’re seemingly doing the same thing. Taking a person from one place to the next. But the method and what it feels like could not be more different.

I challenge you, assertive leaders, ask your team which of these scenarios is most like your leadership. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

For those of you being led by an assertive leader create an opportunity to share this blog with them. I wouldn’t recommend you forward them the link unless you have a very strong relationship. I would recommend sitting down with them in your next 1on1 and having this conversation. Awareness is the greatest gift one can offer or receive.

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