Internal Election - The Choice of Freedom

In this country, we are blessed to have the freedom of choice, but on this day, election day, I want to remind you that you also have the choice of freedom.

By now most people fall in one of two camps:

1) I just want this election to be over with.

2) I am hanging onto every word and can’t get enough.

I am going to speak to both camps since I am not going to talk about the election and your ability to choose the next President but rather your opportunity to choose freedom.

Too often our sense of freedom is attached to external circumstance. Traditional media and social media don’t help as they drive the narrative “If THIS person is elected then surely THAT will happen and YOU need THIS person if you want peace.” Don‘t fall victim to this trap. These sources do not want you to walk in power and freedom they only wish for you to walk dependent on them. The more YOU watch the more THEY get paid. Yes, elections have consequences and you should take the matter seriously but it cannot be your source of peace, confidence and ultimately freedom.

Choose freedom from within - it’s a choice. Where your actions go, your feelings must follow so let’s start taking action today to build a strong foundation from within.

Look within and choose now that regardless of the OUTcome you have the opportunity from withIN to be confident in the road that lies ahead. According to the Enneagram there are 9 types of personalities and all 9 have a certain desire that drives them.


Type 1 Perfectionist- For things to be right.

Type 2 Helper- To be appreciated.

Type 3 Achiever- To be viewed as successful.

Type 4 Individualist- To be whole and unique.

Type 5 Investigator- To have enough knowledge to exist in the world.

Type 6 Loyalist- To have security and support.

Type 7 Enthusiast- To be taken care of completely.

Type 8 Challenger- To be strong and courageous.

Type 9 Peacemaker- Stability and peace of mind.

The opposite of your desire is what you fear most. The source of your stress is found in the fact that these desires are not being satisfied. If these desires are not being satisfied you find yourself in a very unhealthy or stressed place. When we know what we are REALLY looking for we can begin the internal work to achieve these desires. Many of us are walking around in the dark, just feeling around hoping we will stumble upon what we are looking for - our desire. Let's turn the light on and ask, “What am I really looking for?” then proceed to find it together. The media and the election do not deserve to hold the power over your peace and confidence.

Ask yourself,

“How can I achieve (insert your desire) from within?”
”Where am I depending on external sources to achieve this desire?”
“How am I depending on my elected officials to achieve this desire?”

And if you don’t have a relationship with your Creator I urge you to ask this question,

“How can I begin to build a relationship with God to be my ultimate source?“

Your voice matters so start speaking to yourself, start the internal work to maintain your peace, confidence, and freedom. If this does anything I hope it at least encourages you to rid yourself from the need of external comfort and validation.

God bless you all and God bless these United States of America!

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