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Over the years, I have been featured on podcasts in various industries with various leaders. The subject matter was always the same, "build people, and your business will follow."


- Keanu  

Expert Ownership Podcast 

Keanu discusses with us the different personality types and how knowing our type helps us be much better leaders! Keanu also explains enneagram characteristics from type 1 all the way to type 9 and goes in-depth with each one!

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Train For Life Podcast 

ISI® Belmont Member and True Strategy Founder, Keanu Trujillo, discusses his journey of building businesses and how using the Enneagram can help you understand how to become a better leader, build teams, and a business that creates a lasting impact.

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Think(Less) Podcast 

A business strategist, an Enneagram guy, a coach, teacher. A former cop. A business owner. And a doggone good thinker.

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Simply Wholehearted Podcast 

In today’s conversation with Keanu (Enneagram 8), you’ll hear us chat about all things "The Office." Yes, the widely popular and super awkward TV show! 

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More Than Beauty Podcast 

His first client was a salon! People expert, Keanu Trujillo, talks about building businesses through building people. Buckle up! 

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Touch The Line Podcast 

How do you lead from a place of genuine connection and empathy? Keanu Trujillo discusses his background in leadership and how he is pairing real-world experience with the enneagram to build effective leaders and teams. 

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The Vijay Kailash Show 

Pairing his personal leadership success in a variety of industries with the Enneagram, he is pioneering the use of the Enneagram in the professional world. 

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Your Enneagram Coach Podcast 

Today, Beth interviews Keanu Trujillo (Type 8), certified Enneagram coach. You'll hear about his Enneagram journey, and why they decided to take the plunge to become a certified Enneagram Coach. 

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Flipped Lifestyle Podcast 

Today’s guest on the podcast is Flipped Lifestyle Community Member, Keanu Trujillo! Keanu has a passion for serving people and runs a professional development company called True Strategy, where he teaches companies how to attract great people, make them better, and keep them around.

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Recovering PK Podcast 

We had the amazing opportunity to interview Keanu Trujillo, we discuss the misconceptions of the enneagram. The enneagram can be incredibly effective in helping leaders find out how their team members work and is a useful tool to use in leadership both personally and professionally.

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Career PROgressions Podcast 

Tools like DISC and the Enneagram can help us gain a new level of awareness. But, have you considered using these tools to evaluate your career vision? Enneagram coach and Founder of True Strategy, Keanu Trujillo, joins Mark to have this enlightening conversation. 

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