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This is the first step to developing your people into healthy leaders who are experts in self-awareness, boundaries, communication, and conflict resolution. Our Foundations Masterclass is the foundation on which your people will experience their development.

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A brilliant structure must always be built on a solid foundation.

Obtain an unshakeable leadership foundation in the Foundations Masterclass. Start with skills like Conflict Resolution, Awareness, and Boundaries and continue to grow as we continually add courses.

Become more self-aware, and subsequently recognize your strengths, weaknesses and hidden biases, to gain the trust of your team members — and increase your credibility. In addition to helping you develop professionally, self-awareness also helps you grow your positive impact on the business.

Know when to say yes and how to say no in order to be your best and get the most from your team. Learn how to decide what boundaries are important, implement them, and reinforce them when they’re violated. Become and stay a healthy leader who people love to follow.

How to leverage individual and team conflict to build your business without firing everyone and starting over. Learn three conflict coping styles, the OWN method for addressing 1 on 1 conflict, and how to leverage team conflict for growth.

Soon you'll be able to access our communications course as well. Be sure to continue to check back for it's availability!

There's more coming!

Continue your development as we add each new course. There will be additional courses within the Foundations Masterclass as well as other standalone courses that we are excited to share. 

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Brittany Hickman

VP Of Education & Shows, SalonCentric

 Like most companies, the last year has been hectic with constant pivot, change, and uncertainty. This constant change emphasized the need to invest into team development and personal wellbeing. Keanu led classes for our company and they were exactly what we needed to better navigate our personality and those around us, ultimately adding value to our culture and effectiveness as a team.