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Self-awareness is the foundation of our coaching. Self-awareness brings a new sense of confidence as you maximize your strengths and manage your weaknesses. 

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Where's the value?

Our coaching solves what we like to call "people problems." As a business owner or leader you are either recovering from people problems, in the middle of people problems, or heading into people problems. You have a few options when it comes to solving these problems; 

Do It Yourself: On the surface, this seems like the "cheapest" fix but the truth is, it's probably the most expensive. Your time is best-spent being proactive in building your business, not being reactive in solving interpersonal issues. 

Delegate It: Second best option, maybe you have someone on staff equipped and responsible for handling these issues. Even if you do, I've found that these employees are often too close to the situation and can't adequately assess and solve the "people problems" which ultimately results in wasted time and resources all around. 

Contract It: This is our sweet spot. Naturally, you expect me to say that, this is my line of work. Truly, though, do what you do best and outsource the rest. Our coaching approach allows you to solve "people problems" in a more effective and efficient manner. As a coach I, Keanu, can operate with objectivity without fear of "hurting feelings" or adding to the drama of the workplace. I assess, coach, consult, and depart. Allowing you, and your staff, to get back to the mission  of your business! 

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Stephanie Lambert

Executive Director
Texas Home School Coalition

"Keanu is an expert listener. He gets to the heart of the issue and then speaks life-giving truth. Every leader needs this kind of support!"

Brad Nelson

Managing Director
Northwestern Mutual

“As a leader in financial services for 10 years I have worked with many coaches and consultants. Keanu is second to none for personal and professional development. My family, my team, and my leadership have been greatly impacted.”

Jessica Henning

Director of Development
Northwestern Mutual

“Coaching and developing others is not only a passion of mine but a huge part of my role. Working with Keanu has given me practical handles and tools to better understand those I coach to reach our goals.”

What you can expect from Coaching with Keanu

Curiosity, Connection, & Collaboration. More questions, less statements. I don't know what you're going through and I won't pretend to. Most coaching make a lot of statements trying to fix the perceived problem instead of intentionally listening and asking good questions. That kind of coaching leaves a person more drained than energized. That's not my approach. 


A question well-asked is better than an answer given. This holds true because that great question can potentially yield a number of great answers. The first thing we do is ask the right questions so the right results are delivered. We’ve found that when you begin with curiosity, you end with happy clients.


A solution is only as effective as its ability to help those in need. We believe the direction of your coaching should be based on your greatest areas of need. Once we ask the right questions, we work with you to determine how our coaching can improve you, your teams, and your business.


The effectiveness of our coaching often rises and falls on the relationships developed throughout the process. As a neutral third party who cares about your success, we are able to coach through mistakes and tensions without allowing emotion to determine the direction. The trust built helps get to the results quickly.

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