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leadership perception self-awareness true strategy Oct 07, 2021

Self Awareness is one of the most important skills leaders can develop in themselves and their teams. By becoming more self-aware, and subsequently recognizing their strengths, weaknesses and hidden biases, leaders gain the trust of their team members — and increase their own credibility. In addition to helping leaders develop professionally, self-awareness also helps them have a positive impact on the business.

Three questions you can ask yourself to increase your self awareness are: 

  1. What is my perception of the situation?
  2. Where does this perception come from?
  3. How do I naturally want to respond to the situation? 

Evaluating what you know about yourself and what others (who are trusted and know you) say, can give us insight to each situation and each person's unique perception of that situation. 

Using the enneagram can help us dive into the answers to these questions, even on an unconscious level. If you haven’t discovered the enneagram yet, you can take our assessment here.

Each person has a unique Enneagram type that can give us insight to their internal monologue, what they avoid, what they pursue, what gives them fulfillment and what they struggle with. By discovering and acknowledging these things about ourselves and others, we can have insight into the answers to the above questions and allow us to better navigate situations.

Each unique perspective can better equip leaders to find solutions and have a healthy impact on your teams and in business. And it all starts with true self-awareness. 

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