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Leading an Enneagram 9

Nov 09, 2021

Enneagram Type 9’s are known as the Peace Makers. They tend to be relaxed, warm, and welcoming. 9’s always tend to be a source of connection and harmony. They have the strength of being able to see from every point of view, a natural mediator. Putting themselves in the shoes of others they bring connection where connection seems to be lost. 


Their strength lies in their ability to be empathetic, warm, a connector of people and mediator. However, the 9’s desire to avoid conflict and anger can make them become withdrawn, passive, avoidant, have lack of drive and operate at low capacity.


Type 9’s can be a great asset to any team. Type 9’s will not automatically assert themselves but when they are invited into the conversation they will share the insight they have kept hidden for fear of conflict or interruption. Ensure they know their presence, voice, and opinions matter. Type 9’s are one of the most underutilized members of the team because they will not naturally make themselves heard.


When you allow a Type 9 to operate in their strengths, they will  bring people together, embrace purpose, and finally achieve true harmony. 


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