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Leading an Enneagram 8

enneagram enneagram 8 enneagram coach enneagram for business leadership leadership coach leadership development personal development Nov 16, 2021

Enneagram 8’s are known as The Challenger. 8’s tend to be known as protective, confident, assertive, confrontational, self-forgetting and intense. Justice and protection are the fuel to their fire and they leverage their big-hearted nature and strength to be the change they want to see. Many times they view conflict as connection and other times they fight to earn and build a trusting environment.

When an Enneagram 8 is operating in their strengths, they are great motivators. They are influential, driven, visioneering, great  leaders, and can function at  high capacity. However, their weaknesses can get in the way and they can be hurtful, confrontational and become destructive. 

Type 8’s do not like to be controlled but respond well to leadership. They will seek autonomy and power so ensure they have clarity on what to accomplish then let them run. They want to hunt and at their best exist to bring home and share the spoils. If they are micro-managed or controlled they will inevitably rebel or leave your team. The Type 8 is like a fire; in one case they warm the house but can also burn the whole thing down. Do not seek to control that fire but rather harness it to serve your team and your mission.

8’s will take action when witnessing or experiencing an injustice for themselves, those they care about, or their environment. This makes them a great asset and leader in  any organization or team.

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