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How to Lead a Type 7

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The Type 7 is known as The Enthusiast. Always the optimist, others are drawn to their naturally encouraging energy. People are inspired by their limitless view of life. Sevens are energetic, versatile and adventurous, always striving for more so they don’t miss out on life.

At their best, 7’s embrace the present and are able to savor it with gratitude. When they can trust that their needs will be met, they become more receptive and thoughtful. When you combine this with a natural creativity and energy, they will inspire others as they walk through both the highs and lows of life.

Type 7’s make great leaders but are not necessarily great managers. To lead is to create and that is what the Type 7 is best at. They will lead and find new exciting ways to accomplish a mission. To manage is to maintain and the idea of “maintenance” will eventually trigger the 7’s greatest fear of being trapped. The Type 7 will thrive in the brainstorm phase of any idea or project. If you let them run they will learn new ways to serve your mission and your team, which makes them a desirable number to be a part of your business.

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