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How to lead an Enneagram Type 6

enneagram enneagram 6 enneagram coach enneagram for business leadership leadership coach leadership development personal development true strategy Nov 30, 2021

The Enneagram Type 6, or The Loyalist, is known to be responsible, prepared, committed, cautious and direct. Always preparing for whatever life throws at them, the Type 6 works to be a source of security and support for themselves and the world. 

Whether it’s to avoid danger or challenge it head- on, Type 6’s can be prone to see and assume the worst. They deal with their anxiety by preemptively running through and preventing potential problems or negative outcomes. You may have heard of an “Inner Critic”. The Type 6 has an “Inner Committee” constantly asking, “But what if this or that happens?”

A 6’s natural stregthscome in their planning, loyalty, dedication, and support. But they do have tendencies to become anxious, worried, fearful and at times a devil’s advocate. 

The Type 6 craves security and guidance, so ensure these needs are being met in your leadership. Even in correction ensure they know they are still safe and secure and you are leading from a place of support. They will have the tendency of internalizing correction as a lack of support and think you are giving up on them which will trigger their anxiety. As long as they know they are supported they will be the most dedicated member of your team. Leverage their worst case scenario thinking as risk management to ensure all avenues are covered before releasing a product or executing a plan.

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