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Leading an Enneagram 5

Dec 07, 2021

The Enneagram Type 5 is known as The Investigator. The Type 5 is intelligent, diligent, thorough and fact-oriented. “Knowledge is power” is this types mindset in all situations and pursues having enough knowledge to be capable and competent. 

Type 5’s are problem solvers. They thrive on learning the facts and have a natural thirst for knowledge.They often feel that they must know as much as possible before sharing their thoughts to avoid being seen as or feeling incompetent. This can overwhelm them and cause them to retreat.

To lead a Type 5 well, allow them to ask all of their questions as they will find the best way to do the right things and ultimately move your team forward on the most efficient and effective path. Leave room for the Type 5 to create systems for efficiency moving forward. They hate wasting time and energy so let them find more efficient ways of doing business or achieving desired results. With that said, you want to help the Type 5 to see all perspectives to include feelings and intangible results. Since they are fact oriented and live in their head they will not naturally be connected to the “feeling” of something. It must make sense for the Type 5 to take action but sometimes we must take action in the face of adversity or in the absence of details. Avoid obligating the Type 5 on a consistent basis. This will lead to their inevitable withdrawal. 

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