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How to Lead an Enneagram Type 4

communication enneagram enneagram 4 enneagram coach enneagram for business enneagram type 4 true strategy Dec 14, 2021

The Enneagram 4 is known as The Individualist. Type 4’s are generally creative, unique, innovative, passionate and authentic. They offer a unique perspective on creativity and emotional depth. Fours also challenge those that live at a surface level and encourage thoughtful connection. They have a profound depth and understanding of emotions and bravely embrace them, regardless of how it feels. However, the type 4 can also be painfully self conscious and can spend a great deal of energy contemplating on how different they are from others.

At their best, they can relieve themselves from the pressure of their own emotions and bring forth their gifts in extraordinary ways. They have a deep intuition into others’ suffering and can shoulder deep pains and feelings without being overwhelmed. 

A good rule of thumb: Never, under any circumstance, ever compare a Type 4 to others or compare their work to others. The Type 4 inherently believes they are flawed or missing something so to be compared will automatically trigger the worst in them. Affirm them and avoid surface level connection. The Type 4 craves depth in their connections so the more authentic you are, the better your relationship will be and you will be able to channel the best in them. They are natural “outside of the box” thinkers so give them the opportunity to flex these muscles in your team or when executing a project.

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