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How to Lead a Type 3

enneagram enneagram 3 enneagram coach enneagram for business leadership coach leadership development Dec 21, 2021

Enneagram Type 3, known as The Achiever.  Successful, efficient and motivating. “Good enough” is not a thought that enters a Type Three’s mind. They strive for excellence in all things, turning good to great. At their healthiest, a Three’s confidence and enthusiasm is inspiring to others, they can leverage this to bring out the best in those around them. They focus on others’ success over their own believing that serving a greater mission and purpose is the ultimate form of success. They use their adaptability, productivity, and drive for excellence for the greater good.

Type 3’s will identify and work towards their definition of success. If there is not a clearly defined picture of what success is they can begin to craft this picture on their own and it may not be in alignment with the team objectives or your company mission. Belief is huge for a Type 3, lead them with constant vision and they will bring that vision to life. Give them opportunity to be seen and heard, especially in front of clients or large crowds. This will motivate them to continue to carry the mission forward.

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