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How to Lead an Enneagram Type 2

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Enneagram 2

The Enneagram Type 2 is known as The Helper. They are supportive, caring and generous. Two’s long to feel appreciated and to serve others in whatever they are doing. They avoid rejection, feelings of being unwanted, thought worthless, needy, or dispensable. In turn, they pursue appreciation, being loved and wanted, and giving to others.


At their best, they become creative and expressive. They care for others and recognize their own needs as well. However, when they are in stress, they can become prideful and self absorbed blaming your problems on others. They may also become aggressive, harsh and demanding. 


When leading a Type 2 allow them the opportunity to serve others and ensure their gifts and contributions are appreciated. A Type 2 will give more than their fair share of effort to serve their team but will rarely ask for affirmation until they are in a toxic or unhealthy place. Ensure that they have time to care for themselves while also being intentional to care for them. If a Type 2 starts making repetitive “I” or “ME” centered statements they may be slipping into their unhealthy tendencies. Help remind them that they are loved and appreciated because of who they are not because of the gifts they give. They can’t pour from an empty glass, so make sure they are fulfilling their needs as well.

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