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Leading an Enneagram 1

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Enneagram 1

The Enneagram Type One, or The Perfectionist, holds a feeling of responsibility to maintain order, and hold themselves and others to their own high view of “right”. They exist to bring order into the world and if things are out of order, they can quickly identify the problem and begin to make improvements. Many times their black and white thinking leads to their downfall.


When leading a Type 1, give clear guidance, systems and parameters to follow. Let them know what is right and what is wrong and where they have autonomy to create. Given these guidelines, a Type 1 will be a great “closer” in projects to see them through while also maintaining standards. Type 1’s will bear the responsibility of being right or doing things the right way. If you notice others on the team are not maintaining the same level of responsibility, have open conversations about shared responsibility to keep a Type One from harboring resentment.

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