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The Enneagram for Business Leaders

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The Enneagram can be used as a powerful tool in business. Knowing how each team member, client and leader views the world can help eliminate unnecessary conflict and allow everyone to work together using their strengths to the advantage of the company! 

What exactly is the Enneagram? 

The Enneagram is 9 different personality types to explain how each person views and interprets the world. The Enneagram shows you what you look like at your best, worst, and everything in between. One number is not better than another, but rather a unique perspective of how a person perceives the situations around them. 


How can I use The Enneagram in business?

When you know how people view the world, you can help them use their strengths and build from their weaknesses. Knowing each team members enneagram type can help you to utilize them in a way that energizes them! It's like having an instruction manual for each person and gives you an insight to their thought patterns. By knowing what makes them tick, what their tendencies may be when they are in a season of growth of under stress can help you to avoid burnout and avoid attrition to build happy, healthy, successful teams and employees. 


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