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Decision Making

decision making enneagram enneagram for business leadership personal development Nov 02, 2021

We make decisions every day. Some are small and some are big life altering decisions. And some fall somewhere in the middle. Did you know that stress levels are directly linked to the number of decisions you make daily? That means that every decisions you make, whether it is the shirt you are going to wear or a million dollar decision, your brain doesn’t know the difference. They all add up.


What exactly is a decision? To “Decide” does not mean to "choose" something but to "cut off" or to cut away. This means a de-cision is the cutting away of all other options to focus or head in a specific direction.


How do we shift our decision making process to eliminate unnecessary stress?


Automate - Put recurring tasks on autopilot.

Delegate - Give authority to others to make decisions where possible.

Eliminate - Stop wasting mental energy on decisions you shouldn’t be making.

A great way to put this into practice is to do a decision making audit. Throughout the day, keep track of all of the decisions you make. Then, go through and see which decisions you can automate, delegate and eliminate.


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