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Conflict Resolution: Building Trust and Loyalty

conflict resolution leadership true strategy Oct 19, 2021

No matter how many or how few people you have within your organization, conflict is bound to arise. Different perspectives are vital to growing a business, but disagreements can lead to big problems. This is why conflict resolution is one of the most important skills we can develop as a leader.


To really be able to navigate conflict, you have to know how others perceive it and cope with it. There are three main types of conflict coping styles:

1. Reactive

2. Logical

3. Optimistic


The REACTIVE person believes:

“I must take intense and direct action to make this right.”

The LOGICAL person believes:

“I must know enough and have enough information to find a solution.”

The OPTIMISTIC person believes:

“There’s always a silver lining, let’s find it.”


Each one may perceive the other as lazy, unreasonable, unrealistic, limiting or even angry.

Knowing your own coping style, as well as those on your team can help you to work through conflict in the best way possible and with as little damage as possible. It can also help to build trust and loyalty within your company.


What is your coping style? Is there a conversation you’ve been avoiding that you should address with your team?


If you want to know more about the Conflict Resolution skill and how to implement it within your team, check out our True Strategy community platform and learn the 8 skills to help build your people.

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