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communication enneagram coach enneagram for business leadership leadership development personal development Oct 26, 2021

You’re always communicating, but you know you’ve effectively communicated when your intent is understood and proper action is taken. How do you accomplish that with so many different types of people on your team? 

Let’s start with three concepts: Heart, Head & Hands


If you have their heart, you’ll always have their hands.



People make decisions based on emotion and justify with logic. If you don’t make the connection between the heart and head, you’ll lose their hands.



What you want people to do, influenced mostly by heart and communicated clearly.


This is where knowing each person's Enneagram type is helpful in clearly communicating in a way that your team will understand and really take hold of. Each enneagram type has different core motivations and internal drivers that give them a unique perspective of the world and motivates them to do what they do. 


Knowing what each person on your team’s motives are can help you to know how to communicate, clearly express what the true intentions are and really benefit and serve the mission of your company or organization. 


No matter your team's enneagram type, or your communication style, the most important skill for you to master when it comes to communication is empathy. You must understand and feel what your employees, clients, friends or customers are feeling in order to communicate effectively from your heart to theirs. 


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