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Communication Style of an Enneagram Type Two

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Enneagram Type 2 Communication

In business we can use the Enneagram as a tool to develop self-awareness. When you and your employees or team continue to develop your self awareness, you can help to avoid conflict or, when conflict does arise, you can use it to move forward instead of it causing a disruption. 


Bringing awareness to the 9 different enneagram types can help you and your team better communicate. Each type has its own unique view of the world and with that unique view comes some blind spots that can affect our communication within a team. By understanding each of the enneagram numbers' communication styles, their pitfalls and considerations, you and your team will be able to work together more peacefully and more efficiently.



Type 2: The Helper

A type 2’s focus and attention is always on serving and meeting other people’s needs. You tend to have a warm way about you, always welcoming and engaging. You tend to bring humanity into the workplace 

Downfall of a Type 2: You are constantly battling pride, your dominant struggle, as you give because you are ashamed that you have needs. Because you are ashamed of your needs you give and give until you have nothing left. Pride may overtake you as you find yourself making statements that are very “me” centered such as: “What about me?” “I did this for you, why didn’t you return the favor?” “I was there for you, I expected you to be there for me.” A good indicator of stress is when your statements become self-centered in a negative way. 


What to Consider as a Type 2: When you  realize that there’s no way you could possibly tend to the needs of all people, you  can look inward with the understanding that you do not have to support others to receive their love and approval. You are loved and appreciated because of who you are not because of the gifts you give. Realizing you can’t “pour from an empty glass” can ensure you that you are healthy before ensuring others’ wellbeing. In taking care of your needs you position yourself to give from a healthy place.

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