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Communication Style of an Enneagram One

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Enneagram Type One

In business we can use the Enneagram as a tool to develop self-awareness. When you and your employees or team continue to develop your self awareness, you can help to avoid conflict or, when conflict does arise, you can use it to move forward instead of it causing a disruption. 


Bringing awareness to the 9 different enneagram types can help you and your team better communicate. Each type has its own unique view of the world and with that unique view comes some blind spots that can affect our communication within a team. By understanding each of the enneagram numbers' communication styles, their pitfalls and considerations, you and your team will be able to work together more peacefully and more efficiently.


Type 1: The Perfectionist 


Type 1’s strive for perfection. Everything has its place and everything (and everyone) is held to your highest standard of “right”. This not only goes for your work, but also is the rule for your personal life. You tend to have a very dominant inner critic that is constantly telling you what is wrong with you and your surroundings. 


Downfall of a Type 1: Those around you may feel like they will never live up to your impossible standards. You project your standards onto others and tell yourself, “I don’t get it, if I can do things the right way, why can’t they?” You will offer your “advice” but it can often be seen and felt as being critical and harsh. Most people do not see the world in the same way. Even in the most “perfect” of situations you will find something to be improved. Rest assured, this is a strength, but every strength left unchecked can become a liability.

What to Consider in your communication as a Type 1: With that being said, you are not bad. You are good. You do not have to fight to achieve this goal. You can rest assured knowing that you are already made good and right through acceptance and understanding of yourself. When you are at your healthiest you do not hold onto these impossible self-imposed standards and begin to enjoy life for all of its perfect imperfections. You understand that you are not responsible for all of life’s flaws and can enjoy the ride. Playful, joyful, funny, energetic are all ways people would describe you at your best as you take on the healthier sides of Type 7, Enthusiast. Be aware when you are encompassing those attributes of a 7 and lean into it. Your team will thank you! 

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