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Setting Boundaries within Your Team

boundaries boundary leadership true strategy Oct 12, 2021


Boundaries are what's okay and what's not okay. A property line, if you will. A lot of the time people think of boundaries as restrictive, selfish, controlling or even awkward. But, boundaries actually create freedom and allow you to take ownership of your experience.

When you're healthy, you lead healthy. When your team has good boundaries, you allow their brains to operate at their highest level and you'll get the best from your team.

How do you set healthy boundaries? Ask these questions.

1. What makes me/my team feel good?

2. What makes me/my team feel bad?

3. What do I/we need to operate at our best?

4. What do we want now vs what do we want most?

What boundaries have YOU set for a healthier you/team? What questions do you have about deciding and implementing boundaries?


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