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Attract great people. Make them better. Keep them around.

We develop your people into healthy leaders who are experts in self-awareness, boundaries, communication, and conflict resolution.

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Without the application of knowledge, nothing happens. Drawing on over 30 year of combined experience, the Foundations Masterclass curriculum sharpens eight key interpersonal skills every leader needs to be an effective builder of people.


Make a direct connection with our team and other leaders who are leading, growing, and launching businesses. Add to your perspective, develop relationships, and get encouragement to keep building.


Save years in the development of your team's performance, relationships, and communication. Through expert direction on personal growth, they'll gain skills for many of the situations they’re facing in your business.

True Strategy is a done-for-you solution for developing your people.

Save time, money and energy by letting us build your people so you can focus on building your business.  You and your team get immediate access and will have the ability to start growing right away.

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Attract Great People

Simply collecting a paycheck is out of style. Your people want to grow personally and do innovative work. When you offer the True Strategy solution at your business, you activate a proven system of development that ensures your people become the best they can be. When hiring, attract high-quality prospective employees by offering a system that ensures they will be developed and cared for. Be known as a business that’s phenomenal to work for and has a culture of growth.

Make Them Better

Building people takes an immense amount of time, energy and expertise. Allow us to give you more time and energy to focus on leading your people as we use our expertise to make them better. Using the Enneagram, we’ll help your leaders become more self-aware and take great strides in their growth. Through our Courses, they’ll become experts in self-awareness, boundaries, communication, conflict resolution, delegation, decision-making, problem solving, and more.

Keep Them Around

Richard Branson said, "Train people well enough so they can leave; treat them well enough so they don't want to." Attrition is inevitable, but it doesn't always have to be negative. What if you trained people so well they could leave and treated them so well they didn't want to? What would that do for your growth? Likewise, what if you train them well, treat them well, and they still leave? In our experience, this still creates raving fans and lifelong relationships that serve your mission in perpetuity.

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Invest In Your Team

The True Strategy platform provides a personalized solution to help EACH of your employees grow and it’s great for teams too. Bring your whole team or invest in specific leaders and utilize our resources and exercises to help your people grow into a team. Use the "do-it-yourself" resources such as scripts, exercises, and workshops to implement True Strategy's methods with your team and make them stronger. Invest in your team by inquiring about our team pricing using the link below.

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We believe in serving you.

We take pride in serving our clients well. Here's what some of them had to say about their experience.

"With True Strategy's personal & leadership development teachings I have become more aware of what motivates, energizes, and drains me. I have become a better leader at home and in my business. Our team has learned their strengths and weaknesses as leaders, increased communication, and have an overall better understanding of how to work together."


Owner / 
William Henry Salon and William Henry The Spa

“As a leader in financial services for 10 years I have worked with many coaches and consultants. Keanu is second to none for personal and professional development. My family, my team, and my leadership have been greatly impacted.”


Managing Director / 
Northwestern Mutual

"As a small business owner, things can often seem overwhelming and at times, lonely. Feeling like I was on an island by myself, my very first meeting with Keanu created a sense of relief. His insight and desire to help find ways to improve and grow my business was highly impactful. I love his passion for small businesses and am grateful for True Strategy!"


Founder / 
The Wandering Cup Coffee

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