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Whether you're beginning, expanding, or planning your exit we work to make that process efficient and enjoyable. Our approach turns the problems of today into the opportunities of tomorrow. 



Impact at scale. Book Keanu to speak at your next event. Keanu will share his story of how he grew from being the problem to being the solution and how you can too. 


Transform your group into a TEAM. Through our team workshops, we build relationships in a few hours that would take years to establish. 


Growth starts with you, the leader. Maximize your strengths and identify your weaknesses so you can lead others more effectively. 

Grow using the Enneagram

The Enneagram is a tool that brings awareness to why people do what they do. It brings to light strengths, weaknesses, giftings, and frustrations. Once you understand yourself and those around you, growth happens quickly. Accelerated relationships accelerate results.

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Awareness is a gift

Awareness is a gift. Through the Enneagram, we bring valuable awareness to both the known and unknown facets of who you are. Once you are able to understand why you do what you do, you’ve unlocked endless possibilities in relationships with your partners, your teams, and your customers. Accelerated relationships accelerate results and, by using one of our coaching packages, you will see significant change quickly. Start with a free discovery call so we can serve you effectively and efficiently.


Invest in your growth by investing in your people.

Great businesses are built on the backs of strong, healthy teams. Through our classes and workshops, we’ll help your team become just that. Once teams understand each other and why they operate the way they do, growth happens quickly. Because there is greater awareness, team members can be placed in specific roles to succeed, teams will be more patient with each other, and camaraderie naturally builds.

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Everyone can grow together.

The message of awareness and relational growth is one from which everyone benefits. Through practical handles and helpful teaching, Keanu conveys how the Enneagram helps growth at all levels. Teachings can be tailored to specific applications or given in a way that’s applicable to all people and groups. Feel free to reach out and inquire about availability and pricing. We’re excited to hear from you.

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Share the Gift of Awareness

Generosity is a value at True Strategy. We hope you've had an opportunity to take our free assessment and that it opened your eyes to some strengths you didn't know you had, some opportunities for improvement, and some blind spots that you may not have been aware of. If that's you, we encourage you to share our assessment with someone you know. Awareness is one of the greatest gifts you can give someone. Don't be stingy.

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We lead with service.

We take pride in serving our clients well. Here's what some of them had to say about their experience.

"With True Strategy's personal & leadership development teachings I have become more aware of what motivates, energizes, and drains me. I have become a better leader at home and in my business. Our team has learned their strengths and weaknesses as leaders, increased communication, and have an overall better understanding of how to work together."


Owner / 
William Henry Salon and William Henry The Spa

“As a leader in financial services for 10 years I have worked with many coaches and consultants. Keanu is second to none for personal and professional development. My family, my team, and my leadership have been greatly impacted.”


Managing Director / 
Northwestern Mutual

"As a small business owner, things can often seem overwhelming and at times, lonely. Feeling like I was on an island by myself, my very first meeting with Keanu created a sense of relief. His insight and desire to help find ways to improve and grow my business was highly impactful. I love his passion for small businesses and am grateful for True Strategy!"


Founder / 
The Wandering Cup Coffee

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