Not everyone was born to work at a company. Some were made to build them. True Strategy is here to help you grow them and growth starts with you.  


Better starts with you. When you grow, everything grows.



Sales is difficult. We can often live in our own head to the point we become our own roadblock to success. True Strategy can help bring some clarity as to why that happens, help fix it, and prevent it from happening again. Sales is connection. Undertanding yourself is the first step to understanding your clients. We will teach you how to do both. 


The best men and women on your team sometimes walk away without any warning. You've probably seen this on some level and have wondered why? We’ve been there. Let us shed some light on this and help you better lead your teams to prevent it from happening to you. Understanding and leading yourself results in better understanding and leading your team. 

Q Nicole McNair, Owner

REI Mentor- Real Estate Investing 

Keanu has been a phenomenal asset to my organization. His understanding of the Enneagram coupled with his knowledge of how to develop people has made him the perfect addition to our team. We strive to empower and mobilize our students with our real estate investing training & True Strategy's involvement with our clients continues to enrich that experience.

Somer Wilson, Owner

William Henry Signature Salon & Spa

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Keanu’s coaching! With his personal & leadership development teachings I have become more aware of what motivates, energizes, and drains me. I have become a better leader at home and in my business. His energy is so inspiring that I had to share him with my team! After hiring him for leadership development in our company our team has learned their strengths and weaknesses as leaders, increased communication, and have an overall better understanding of how to work together.

LaMar Bratton, FA

Bratton Financial Group

Since being exposed to Keanu’s coaching strategies I have gained tremendous insight about the way I think and act. He opened my eyes to blind spots that were keeping me from my true potential. My confidence in front of clients has skyrocketed and I had my best quarter of my career after working with Keanu. Growing in self-awareness by using the enneagram was a big part of that.


We believe that Enneagram coaching for business can change the trajectory of a what you're doing in the marketplace. When you understand yourself, you are able to navigate your business more effectively and profitably. Our goal is to help you lead with awareness so you succeed in areas where you've never succeeded before. True Strategy IS the Enneagram for business leaders, salespeople, and entrepreneurs. 

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